What are AIM Products made of?

Our products are made of a unique thermoset urethane that is manufactured in the United States.

Are these products non-toxic?


Can you cut the material to shape?

Yes, the material is extremely well suited to being cut to any size/shape that your horse needs. It is easily cut with a sharp knife or scissors. Please note, the fresh cut side will be sticky. To remove the stickiness, use baby powder or baking soda.

Is this material water absorbent?

No. It can safely be used while horses are receiving hydro-therapy.

Is this material temperature sensitive?

It is not sensitive to the cold, but will become sticky under very hot conditions. We suggest keeping it in a cool area. If your material has gotten tacky, treat with baby powder or baking soda. The material will not heat up when applied to your horse’s hooves.

How do you apply the half rounds?

The half rounds are applied directly to the bottom of the hoof, and held in place by Vetrap. Do not use duct tape with this product, duct tape will stick to the material.

Images left to right: step one, step two, step three.

Will the material change shape after time?

Yes, the material will change shape a bit, and the color will change, but the functionality of the product has been found to be extremely durable. Although your half-round may lose some fullness with use, it will continue to perform.

Image: New product upper left, lower right. Product used for 30 days upper right, lower left.


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